Youth Ministries Advisory

The Northeast India Union Youth Ministries Advisory was conducted from July 07-09, 2016 at Shillong.  The theme of the Advisory was “Pass It On”.

Pastor Mohan Bhatti, Youth Ministries Director, Southern Asia Division in his presentations emphasized three important aspects essential to carry out God’s mission on this earth: To Reach Up (Spiritual aspect) 2. Reach Out (Mission Service) 3. Reach In (Church Community Service).

Accepting the new initiative of the General Conference which is Total Member Involvement, (TMI), the Youth Ministries came up with a Concept called “Total Youth Involvement “to cater to the needs of the young people of the church and the society today.  Pastor Bhatti added that the only effective strategy to fulfil the Mission that is given to us to keep Jesus at the CENTER of our ministry, this he said, is the only way we can reach the world.

He outlined the structure of the affiliate ministries of the Youth Department of the Church for the benefit of the Youth Directors in attendance: Junior Youth: a) Adventurers (ages 6-9) b) Pathfinders (ages 10-15):  Senior Youth: a) Ambassadors (ages 16-21) a) Young Adults (ages 22- 30+).

He accentuated the need to give maximum importance to AMICUS (Adventist Ministry to College and University Students) to cater to the Adventist students studying in non-Adventist Universities by providing them resource material in the form of books, magazines, or CDs that will keep the connected to the church, help them strengthen their faith and be better witnesses in the colleges/universities they study in.  This may become a channel that will open doors to minister to non-Adventist students.

Pastor L. F. Lyngdoh made a very informative presentation in which he clearly outlined the job description of the Youth Ministries Director. He explained the importance of Youth Ministries in the Church, its functions, purposes and role in connection with the Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. All the youth directors present found this information very useful and said it gave them a clear indication of what their role is.

He emphasized the importance of the Adventurers Club and Pathfinders Club.  He highlighted how these clubs play a very important role in influencing the choices that young people make.  All through his ministry he observed that those who are part of these clubs exhibit unique qualities and have a strong character which is very much in line with the principles of the Church.

The Youth Ministries Advisory concluded with a consecration service held on July 09, 2016 in the afternoon at the Northeast India Union Conference hall.  A special dedicatory prayer was offered by Pastor Mohan Bhatti before the delegates dispersed.

The attendees expressed the need to have such advisories annually to promote growth, be better informed of what is happening, new initiatives that can be promoted which will in turn benefit and motivate the local units participation in the programs of the Church.  The directors pledged to build youth ministries and pass the fire for missions on.

 |Betty Lyngdoh| Communication Director, Northeast India Union

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