Year-Long Temperance Program

God’s blessing will rest upon every effort made to awaken an interest in health reform, for it is needed everywhere.  Educate people in regard to the laws of life, so that they may know how to preserve health. (EG White).  Statements like the ones above motivated the Temperance Society of Roorkee Adventist College to initiate and plan activities this whole year awaken an interest in adopting a healthy lifestyle.

The Temperance Society of Roorkee Adventist College, under the leadership of Mrs Meena Lall together and prepared a schedule of events relating to Temperance that will be conducted during this school year.  The Year-Long Temperance Emphasis and Awareness Programs began on August 13, 2016.  Over the weekend we had presentations by Mrs Shalini Sharma, who focused on a burning issue plaguing children today – JUNK Food.  She stressed on the importance of having a good healthy diet and forming the right eating habits and mentioned the ill effects of eating lot of Junk Food; Mr Puneet Singh motivated the students to make healthy choices by brining to their attention the many influential and important people of this world who have made healthy choices, exhibited self-control, abstained from harmful substances and yet are living happy, healthy and productive lives;  Mrs Clarine Sarkar gave a few tips on “how to keep our bodies clean both from the inside and the outside”, she highlighted the importance of hygiene and the benefits of having a balanced diet which will keep our bodies in top working condition.  She stressed the importance of the three NOTs.  Touch Not, Taste Not, Want Not.

The events planned for this year will be launched according to the schedule.  A Temperance Awareness Rally will be held on October 03, 2016. Few of the events planned by the Temperance Society are: Debates, Quizzes, Temperance Speech and Poster Contests, Exhibitions which will promote healthy lifestyle and Food Fairs with only healthy food being part of the menu.

The weekend program ended with an appeal to pledge self-control throughout the year and the response of the students and teachers to sign the pledge was extremely encouraging to say the least.

|Manoj Sarkar| Communication Coordinator, Roorkee Adventist College

About Author: G Nageshwar Rao

Director, Communication Department

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