Green Day was celebrated by Southwest India Union on July 05, 2016.  The Green Day Celebration was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Adv. V S Sunil Kumar, the State Agricultural Minister in the presence of Pastor Y Selvamony, President Southwest India Union.  There were many other Local Public Officials present at this event to witness and participate in this very noble activity. .

The Southwest India Union planted saplings of various plants and trees to jumpstart the Green Day Celebrations. Shri V S Sunil Kumar planted the first tree in the Campus of the Seventh-day Adventist School in Thrissur.  The plan is to plant approximately 50,000 saplings in the Seventh-day Adventist Campuses all over the state of Kerala.

Green day/The World Environment Day is observed every year to raise global awareness and recognize the need for a coordinated global focus to make conserving the environment and our natural resources a priority. It is intended that every citizen whether a child or an adult must get involved in taking positive environmental action to protect nature and planet Earth which are gifts given by God to Humanity.

Everyone should pledge to promote protect, and preserve God’s beautiful creation. Each one must make a commitment to do one thing to benefit the environment every year.

|Jose Prakash| Communication Director, Southwest India Union

About Author: G Nageshwar Rao

Director, Communication Department

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